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Cover of The Victorian Rogues MEGAPACK ® by Maurice Leblanc Maurice Maurice Leblanc Leblanc,                 Johnston McCulley Johnston Johnston McCulley McCulley,                 E.W. Hornung E.W. E.W. Hornung Hornung,                 William Hope Hodgson,                 O. O. Henry Henry, Wildside Press LLC
Cover of Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh by Greg Cox, Pocket Books/Star Trek
Cover of The Secret of Orenda by Whitley Strieber, Crossroad Press
Cover of Isis: My Sister, My Frenemy by Shawn James, Shawn James
Cover of The Last Dragon by James Riley, Aladdin
Cover of Victorians Against the Gallows by Dr James Gregory, Bloomsbury Publishing
Cover of Clean and Sober by Edward Loomis,                 Frank Goad, Xlibris US
Cover of The Few by Derek Haines, Derek Haines - Switzerland
Cover of The Plattner Story by H. Wells, Interactive Media
Cover of Hunt/Gather by Jacob Mays,
Cover of Little Things by Rebecca Moesta, Simon Pulse
Cover of A Call of Nature and Other Short Stories by David Vahlberg, Dorrance Publishing
Cover of The Pacifist's War, Book 2 in the St. Germaine Chronicles by V. M. Franck, V. M. Franck
Cover of The Eon Staircase by James Caswell, Whiskey Creek Press
Cover of War-Wise and Other Poems by David J. Murray, iUniverse
Cover of The Terror of the Southlands by Caroline Carlson, HarperCollins
Cover of The Map of Time by Patrick J. Leach, Patrick J. Leach
Cover of Drapier's Letters (Mobi Classics) by Jonathan Swift,Temple Scott (editor), MobileReference
Cover of Short People by Joshua Furst, Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Cover of Toby the Pet Therapy Dog says be a Buddy not a Bully by Charmaine Hammond, Bettie Youngs Book Publishing Co.
Cover of The Ascension Trilogy by David S Croxford, David S Croxford
Cover of God's Will Be Death by Hugh Werister, Aguilar Press
Cover of Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage Vol. 1 by Leiji Matsumoto, Seven Seas Entertainment
Cover of Pictograph by Melissa Kwasny, Milkweed Editions
Cover of The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne,                 Christopher Ricks, Penguin Books Ltd
Cover of The Poetry of Myths and Legends Vol. 6 by Caroline Doyle, Caroline Doyle
Cover of Burger's Tale by Arthur C. Kuch, iUniverse
Cover of The Necromancer's Gambit by Nicolas Wilson, Nicolas Wilson
Cover of The Gormenghast Trilogy by Mervyn Peake, ABRAMS
Cover of This Old Man by Lois Ruby, Open Road Media
Cover of A Close Reading of Margaret Cavendish's 'The Contract' and an Analysis of its Narrative Strategies and Structures by Anonymous, GRIN Verlag
Cover of Beluga by Rick Gavin, St. Martin's Press
Cover of Coriolanus - Zweisprachige Ausgabe (Deutsch-Englisch) / Bilingual edition (German-English) by William Shakespeare, e-artnow
Cover of Deceived by Fred Wooldridge, AuthorHouse
Cover of The Comic Book War by Jacqueline Guest, Coteau Books
Cover of The Dreamer- an unpredictable lover that couldn’t say anything by Vivek Jain, Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Cover of Snow In Spring by Lindsey Taylor, Lindsey Taylor
Cover of The Leopard Hunts in Darkness by Wilbur Smith, Zaffre
Cover of Ground Ops Action Packed Techno Thriller (3/3) by Jeff Dejent, Jeff Dejent
Cover of The Ressurectionist Lesson Plans by BookRags, BookRags
Cover of The List by Dr. Robert E. Belknap, Yale University Press
Cover of Murder Onboard the Fremont Dinner Train by david zink, Timber Forest Cody
Cover of The Man Mermaid by Luigi Savagnone, Luigi Savagnone
Cover of See No Evil by Patricia Wallace, Cemetery Dance Publications
Cover of The Forest Queen by E.M. Scott, Brown Dog Books
Cover of Contact by M.D. Neu, Nine Star Press
Cover of The Trap (Fantasy and Horror Classics) by H. P. Lovecraft, Read Books Ltd.
Cover of The Fictional Man by Al Ewing, Rebellion Publishing Ltd
Cover of Turncoat by Deborah Chester, Diversion Books
Cover of There Weren't Any Spider Webs by K. Toppell, Printabilities, LLC
Cover of Mandrake Root by Frederic Wakeman, Valmy Publishing
Cover of Glory Magnitude by Alicia Marie Hopkins, Xlibris US
Cover of Japan sinks (English Edition) by Saito Production,                 Sakyou Komatsu, LEED
Cover of Blind Spot by Laura Ellen, HMH Books
Cover of The Gift by K. Lynne Duvall, K. Lynne Duvall
Cover of The Guardians by S. A. LaRocco, S. A. LaRocco
Cover of Wuthering Heights by Grace Moore, Insight Publications
Cover of Killing Time by Elise Title, St. Martin's Press
Cover of Tainted by HC Harris, Inkspell Publishing LLC
Cover of Mossy by BetteLou Tobin, AuthorHouse
Cover of Secret of the Scribe by Douglas  Misquita, Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Cover of Building Blocks of Life by Alec John Belle, Alec John Belle
Cover of Four Voyages to the New World; Letters and Selected Documents by Christopher Columbus l Summary & Study Guide by BookRags, BookRags
Cover of The Littlest Dinosaur and the Naughty Rock by Ms Camilla Reid, Bloomsbury Publishing
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