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Cover of Ben Jonson by Ian Donaldson, OUP Oxford
Cover of Painted Windows by Elia Wilkinson Peattie, Release Date: November 27, 2011
Cover of Hi! I'm Burt…They Say I'm Great: A Story About Finding Better Ideas For Kids by Jasmin Hill, Stephen Williams
Cover of Whisker Haven Tales: Cake-tillion by Disney Book Group, Disney Book Group
Cover of The Guillotine Choice by Michael J Malone, Saraband
Cover of Noisy Poems for a Busy Day by Robert Heidbreder, Kids Can Press
Cover of We Are Legion by Shane Bowen,
Cover of War in Heaven by Dr. Robert Wheeler, Self
Cover of The Drifter by Richie Tankersley Cusick, Open Road
Cover of My Childhood by Maxim Gorky, Penguin Books Ltd
Cover of The Hostage Prince by Jane Yolen,                 Adam Stemple, Penguin Young Readers Group
Cover of What Happened To Selina Smith by Mary Valentine Williams, Mary Valentine Williams
Cover of Herodotus - The Gnome of Sofia by Patrick Brigham, Memoirs Publishing
Cover of Octopus's Garden by Ringo Starr, Aladdin
Cover of The Dragon Sword by Cynthia A Sears, FriesenPress
Cover of My Father and Mother on Earth and in Heaven by Mary Alphonsine,                 Mary Marcella, Neumann Press
Cover of The Attic by Edna Taylor, Ginninderra Press
Cover of Babylon, Volume 2 (of 3) by Grant Allen,                 P. Macnab, London   Chatto & Windus, Piccadilly
Cover of Oatcakes and Courage by Joyce Grant-Smith, Quattro Books
Cover of André the Aardvark’s Adventure by Robyn Williams, Penguin Random House South Africa
Cover of Travel Pictures by Heinrich Heine, Steerforth Press
Cover of On The Trail by Lina Beard And Adelia Belle Beard, Gutenberg
Cover of The Kissing Gate by Susan Sallis, Transworld
Cover of Going Solo by Alan Tucker, MAD Design, Inc
Cover of Noli Me Tangere by Dr. José Rizal, Challenge my Reading
Cover of Lions in the Street by Hans Schneider,                 James Schneider, Xlibris US
Cover of Calico Joe by John Grisham, Random House Publishing Group
Cover of A True Novel by Minae Mizumura, Other Press
Cover of Tales by Mark Twain, Celestial
Cover of Black Douglas by Nigel Tranter, Hodder & Stoughton
Cover of Henry James Short Stories Volume 5 by Henry James, Miniature Masterpieces
Cover of Biblical Secrets of Success by Mike Wilson, FastPencil, Inc.
Cover of Much Ado About Peter by Jean Webster, anamsaleem
Cover of Scheming at TAC by Richard Pinkerton, Richard Pinkerton
Cover of William Wakes Up by Linda Ashman, Disney Book Group
Cover of Bramble-Bees and Others by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos,                 Jean-Henri Fabre, Release Date: November 27, 2011
Cover of Leda by Aldous Huxley, Krill Press
Cover of The God in the Car by Anthony Hope, Jazzybee Verlag
Cover of Frozen Treasure by Sean E Thomas, Whiskey Creek Press
Cover of Cold Stairs by Mark Petersen, Mark Petersen
Cover of The Tao and the Logos by Longxi Zhang, Duke University Press
Cover of Death and Revenge 2 by G. G. Gregory, G. G. Gregory
Cover of The Case of the Vanishing Novice by Karen Kelly Boyce, TAN Books
Cover of So You Think You’Re Having a Bad Day? by Matthew Braga, iUniverse
Cover of Lord in Waiting by Nigel Tranter, Hodder & Stoughton
Cover of Shakespeare's Scribe by Gary Blackwood, Penguin Young Readers Group
Cover of Universe By Design by Danny Faulkner, New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc.
Cover of Sonya's Family by Elliot Riley, Britannica Digital Learning
Cover of The Golden Lands, Volume 4 by Dominic Sceski, Dominic Sceski
Cover of Princess Etheria and the Battling Bucks by Dwayne R. James, Dwayne R. James
Cover of They Don't Shoot Horses by Sara Caudell, Sara Caudell
Cover of Sterling (Tommies Guides) by Robert Cameron, Andrews UK
Cover of The Winter Solstice Altars at Hano Pueblo - The Original Classic Edition by Jesse Walter Fewkes, Emereo Publishing
Cover of Memoirs of Casanova — Volume 17: Return to Italy by Arthur Machen,                 Giacomo Casanova, Release Date: November 27, 2011
Cover of Police in America by Steven G. Brandl, SAGE Publications
Cover of If Only Words Could Breathe by Jazz G. Sethi, Notion Press
Cover of Reflections, Laughter, Meditations by Lilia Westmore, Xlibris US
Cover of The Diamond War by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, Open Road Media
Cover of Baby Feminists by Libby Babbott-Klein,                 Jessica Walker, Penguin Young Readers Group
Cover of Children of the Lamp #5: Eye of the Forest by P. B. Kerr, Scholastic Inc.
Cover of Angels in Training: Penny and Pete by Kami Tullis, Kami Tullis
Cover of A Time Before Destiny by CHRIS MORRIS, Trafford Publishing
Cover of Elite by Mercedes Lackey, Disney Book Group
Cover of Mother of the Year by Karen Ross, Ebury Publishing
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