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Cover of A Shattered Empire by Mitchell Hogan, Harper Voyager
Cover of Did I Really Change My Underwear Every Day? by Larry McCoy, Sunstone Press
Cover of Summary and Analysis of 1984 by Worth Books, Worth Books
Cover of Bea's Boys by Charles Hays, Xlibris US
Cover of The Heart Vendor by P. Pradeep Raj, Partridge Publishing India
Cover of Emp Survival: 30 Useful Tips And Tricks You Should Learn To Survive an Emp by Scotty Boyd, JVzon Studio
Cover of Gold Rush Mystery by Mit Sandru, Chivileri Publishing
Cover of Blood Rivals by Ursula Visser, PeruBo Publishing
Cover of Michael Vey by Richard Paul Evans, Simon Pulse/Mercury Ink
Cover of Back Yonder by Marvin Sullivan, AuthorHouse
Cover of The Elements of Style ( Olymp Classics ) by William Strunk Jr.,                 Olymp Classics, Olymp Classics
Cover of Beauty and the Blade by Arturo Miriello, Arturo Miriello
Cover of Close to Dusk by Jen Selinsky, Jen Selinsky
Cover of Mary Wollstonecraft by Susan Laird,                 Professor Richard Bailey, Bloomsbury Publishing
Cover of The Emigrant Mechanic And Other Tales In Verse by Thomas Cowherd, Gutenberg
Cover of Between Dreams: 2012 by Kay Whitaker, Kay Whitaker
Cover of Secret Saturdays by Torrey Maldonado, Penguin Young Readers Group
Cover of Pep Digital Vol. 013: Jughead's All-You-Can-Eat by Archie Superstars, Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
Cover of Designer Dirty Laundry by Diane Vallere, Polyester Press
Cover of The Son of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Otbebookpublishing
Cover of The Puzzle of Left-handedness by Rik Smits, Reaktion Books
Cover of Fence Busters by Clair Bee, B&H Publishing Group
Cover of Voodoo Mystery Tour by Monique Jacob,
Cover of Who Makes Rules? by Savina Collins, Rourke Educational Media
Cover of Arriving to Planet Noah by Mario N. Lopez, Xlibris US
Cover of Jane Two by Sean Patrick Flanery, Center Street
Cover of Inimical by M.J. Flare, Jimmy Mata
Cover of Crackback by John Coy, Scholastic Inc.
Cover of An Anne Bronte reader by Anne Bronte, AfterMath
Cover of Tree: The Story of Creation by Thomas R. Feller,
Cover of The Chrysalis by Heather Terrell, Random House Publishing Group
Cover of The Dark Side of Heaven by Gord Rollo, Ashbury Creek Media
Cover of Babes in the Darkling Woods by H.g. Wells, H.g. Wells
Cover of Pitch Out by Kenneth Spaulding, eStar Books
Cover of Land Down Undead by John Normal, John Normal
Cover of Dangerously by Makenzi, Makenzi
Cover of The Tethering by Jeremy R. Strong, Double Dragon Publishing
Cover of Ecotones: Ecological Stories from the Border Between Fantasy and Science Fiction by Andrew Leon Hudson, Andrew Leon Hudson
Cover of Little Wrecks by Meredith Miller, HarperCollins
Cover of Closed Doors by Lisa O'Donnell, Harper
Cover of When The Sea-King’s Away by Fritz Leiber, Wilder Publications, Inc.
Cover of Toby and the Pirates by Shirley Coughlin, SBPRA
Cover of On the Merits of Unnaturalness by Samantha Shannon, Bloomsbury Publishing
Cover of Scorcher by Clive Hamilton, Schwartz Publishing Pty. Ltd
Cover of Stringer by Lou Cameron, Blackstone Publishing
Cover of The Politics and Ethics of Identity by Richard Ned Lebow, Cambridge University Press
Cover of Compounds Constitute by Leigh Warbrick, Leigh Warbrick
Cover of Patient-X by Colin Duck, Colin Duck
Cover of Oceanic Mythology by Ronald Dixon, Serapis
Cover of Anatasia: The Dream Chronicles by Ben Rawlings, Ben Rawlings
Cover of The Dig (Book 1 of the Matt Turner Series) by Michael Siemsen, Fantome Publishing
Cover of Nancy Cunard by Lois Gordon, Columbia University Press
Cover of American Lit 101 by Brianne Keith, Adams Media
Cover of CliffsNotes on Doerr's All the Light We Cannot See by Gregory Coles, HMH Books
Cover of Harp on the Willow by BJ Hoff, Harvest House Publishers
Cover of The Dark Lady of the Sonnets (Annotated) by George Bernard Shaw, Consumer Oriented Ebooks Publisher
Cover of A Christmas Dream, and How It Came True by Louisa Alcott, Interactive Media
Cover of A Joosr Guide to… The Art of Happiness by The Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler: A Handbook for Living by Joosr, Joosr Ltd
Cover of No Green Car Nation by Rev. Mac. BSc., Rev. Mac. BSc.
Cover of Burning by Joan De La Haye, Joan De La Haye
Cover of The Race for the Glo Rubies by Roopa Pai, Hachette India
Cover of Telling the Map by Christopher Rowe, Small Beer Press
Cover of The Red-Stained Wings by Elizabeth Bear, Tom Doherty Associates
Cover of Killer Instinct by James Patterson, Little, Brown and Company
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